To my Family, Friends, Clients, Team and of course our Competitors should they find this post.

We’ve all read a lot about living a balanced life.  Some do it better than others.  Though, as I set out on an epic 150 mile Mt. bike ( ride with my cousin in the CO/UT desert I thought I’d share.  This post shares a bit about my efforts and observations about my evolving journey to maintain balance with my family, customers, team and friends.  Never perfect, I simply want to give more than I take, live more intentionally and get better every day.  I promise I will be better for you upon my return and I’m thankful for you my family, clients and team for the opportunity to take these few days.  Checkout the book Younger Next Year…I wish I had read it when I was 30.  This trip is my "kedge" for 2016.

To my Family: I love you and will be back with epic stories to share.  Thank you.

To our Customers:  Thank you.  I’m passionate about this business, supporting you and I respect the opportunity to partner with you every day.  Nothing is ever taken for granted.  For my entire career I've been in your corner and I always will be whether you are kicking butt or having a tough go of it.  I’m always there.  As you see my teammates on projects along side me, know that they are best team anywhere and we work tirelessly together on your behalf.   Thank you for affording me the leverage and balance of expertise that comes with teaming.  Teaming is a rarity in my industry, though you win when we team.  The work we do and recommendations we make are guided by the commitment that I/we will never make a decision or recommendation that doesn't have your best interest in mind.  I've never forgotten that my success is measured by your success and that we exist to support and enhance you and your business.  As I head out on this short but epic trip, I’ve decided it would be less than authentic to not call it PTO.  So, if you have questions or the siren’s song of our competition is ever tempting, please call me or my teammates if I’m unreachable.  WE care more, are the best at what we do and will deliver results.

To my Teammates:  You Rock!  WE are an incredible team and you are simply the best partners for me, our customers and for each other that I’ve ever witnessed.  Enough said.

To our Competitors:   In 2014 we sold to JLL...simply the best commercial real estate company on the planet.  The other firm reopened in PDX.  Our JLL team remains 100% tenant/corporate services focused and we will never let up on our commitment to being the best corporate real estate team in support of our clients.  In spite of what crap some may spin...I've not slowed down and I will never retire.  A life in balance may run forever.  You have me to deal with for many many year.  That said, join us and be part of the greatest team this city will ever experience.   I will be happy to meet any time.

Craig’s DNA - 2016 Strategic Vision for Craig (December 15, 2015)  (An excerpt from my personal JLL business plan that shares a little more on how I hope to make a difference each day)

  • Advocate and work harder and smarter for your clients and teammates than anyone in our industry.
  • Support and lift others up within clients, JLL and throughout the industry, including competitors to make this industry better overall.
  • Push teammates to run with key projects and drive key relationships.
  • Lead by example always.
  • As we team for our customers, assure no customer feels abandoned and the team knows they are accountable to every customer.
  • Inspire and develop future leaders.
  • Do what you are best at and can add the most value

Lastly, a few realities of life that mentors of mine have shared and I’ve experienced first-hand over the years.  I thought I’d share as these have guided me and are ever present as I mentor others, including my kids:

  • We learn more from our failures than our success.  Hopefully this lesson will be learned early in life so we don’t suffer the woes of “why me?”
  • Taxes, change and death are constants in life.  Pay your taxes in whatever form they come, embrace change and you will grow and remember “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.” - Braveheart
  • If you do the right things and live as authentically as you can a long good life will be your reward, despite the short term bumps that come with taking life’s challenges head-on.

Craig, out.  Thank you for the PTO!


Camping Day 1 (2015 Trip) with 90 New Friends

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