I thought I’d share a little about a 19 day off the grid trip I took with my son Royce (20) late this summer. With both of us having spent more time on fitness over the past year we discussed doing something epic both in its scenery and required level of fitness.

We decided on heading to Chamonix, France and traversing the Alps for 14 days on our way to Zermatt, Switzerland. After 10 days in the Alps the rains came in taking away the views. Knowing we would come back, we called an audible and headed to Berlin for the Lollapalooza Music Festival. With the rains still dumping in the Alps, we look for the closest place of 80 and caught a flight to Barcelona where we headed North without reservations. We arrived in the Mediterranean village of Cadaques and stayed for 3 nights. What a beautiful place. From there we headed south toward Barcelona and after a couple absinthe laced nights we returned to Portland with memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

While there were many life lessons and experiences shared along the way, a few of mine are as follows:

  • A life in motion is more likely to stay in motion
  • Fear not if you believe in yourself and those around you. I was challenged as my son led me over the blind cliff ladders in the Alps when the top or bottom was never in sight
  • Stop at 2 absinthes on any sitting
  • I left my partners in charge and my mobile phone on my desk with instructions to answer if it rang.
  • Get to know your family outside on an adventure
  • Meet new friends throughout your life. We met many on this 19 day odyssey
  • Make a difference in the lives of others and the gift will be returned many times over

Ping me if you have questions…